Bigfoot, the World's Most Wanted Primate

Bigfoot, has captivated the imagination of explorers and would be discoverers for years. With the raging popularity of hit TV shows like Monsterquest, and Bigfoot Hunters, the celebrity of the mythical creature has once again peaked in the American public

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk-Ape; the name of the creature changes as the stories of sightings make their way from east to west in the United States. No matter what you call the beast; Bigfoot has been the most sought after trophy in Crypto Zoology for over 150 years.

The history suggests that interest in Bigfoot was piqued by Native American stories, shared with white settlers over four hundred years ago. Stories of the great "man ape" have circulated in popular American culture for much of its existence. Hair samples and even blood samples that seem to prove the existence of something strange in the American wilderness have been tested in the fires of fanaticism time and time again, only to bring the providing explorer disappointment. 

Since the first report of Bigfoot amongst modern society, the story has caught fire worldwide. From the world renowned "Yeti," who purportedly makes its home on the slopes of the great Himalaya Mountains, to the "Yerin," of China. All of these mythical primates share characteristics such as long, shaggy hair, and a distinct odor that is said to be so overwhelming; it induces the immediate urge to vomit. 

While the existence of any of these creatures is questionable, what is not is the devotion that many so called "hunters" have put into the investigation to prove their existence. It is estimated that a total of $300,000,000, has been spent to date trying to prove the existence of the beast. Oregon State even has a trap in the deep forest that is dedicated to trapping the creature, just in case.  

Probably the most important sighting of all time was the sighting at Bluff Creek, California, in 1967. Amateur film maker and reported Bigfoot buff, Robert Patterson, filmed what believers call the most convincing evidence to date. The short film appears to show a large, ape like creature, walking from the river's edge into the forest. When the creature turns its head to look back at the camera, it appears to have large breasts, similar to a full grown orangutan. Once the creature has disappeared into the forest, the video mysteriously ends; this has lead many speculators to assert that the film was a hoax. In fact, in 2005, Patterson's co-filmer, Robert Gimlin, stated that the whole film had been nothing more than a man in an ape suit. Although this would have dealt a death blow to the theory in the minds of many, dedicated Patterson fans chock Grimlin's confession up to a death bed confession, coaxed by money. 

Currently, there are over 700 private organizations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, searching for the giant forest dwelling beast. There have also been approximately 200,000 private sightings worldwide since 2000. The Bigfoot movement has gained steam in the last seven years thanks to hit shows like "Monsterquest" on History Channel. While the proof may never come to fruition, the mysticism is worth every minute of attention. 


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