UFO Spotted Over Historic California Barn

Since the so called "Battle of Los Angeles, in the 1940's, southern California has been a hot bed of UFO, and alien phenomena activity. With the latest addition to the UFO craze, Ellen Henry, a member of a Santee, California historical society, has once a

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a UFO! While visiting sunny southern California, tourist, and soon to be close encounterer, Ellen Henry, decided to pay a visit to historic Edgemor Barn, in Santee.

Ellen, a member of the Santee Hitoric Society, out of San Diego, California, is thoroughly convinced of what she saw, floating ominously in the sunny sky that afternoon. 

"It was clear and certainly not a bug" Henry stated when questioned about the now infamous photo.

The photo, taken against a clear blue sky, seems to have captured a large, disc shaped craft, hovering at approximately a 45 degree angle far above the ground. The exact height of the object cannot be determined because there is no horizon in the photograph that it can be compared against. What is clear from the photos however is the fact that what was floating that day in the aqua sky was no airplane, or helicopter.

Because Edgemor Barn, which is celebrating its centennial birthday, sits directly beneath a common flight path for nearby, Gillespie Air Field, they were contacted immediately by local media outlets for comment, or possible explanation of the strange craft. They have offered neither comment, nor explanation to date. 

According to Henry, shortly after snapping the photo of the craft, her camera mysteriously quit working. Henry described the entire event as "scary," and stated she was troubled by simply being a part of the whole experience. 

Southern California has been a hot bed of UFO activity for many decades. After the infamous "Battle of Los Angeles" in the late 1940's, in which it is reported that US Naval personnel actually fought alien aircraft, the state has been flooded with UFO researchers, and hopeful tourists, waiting to catch a glimpse of ET. Today, Ellen Henry, can consider herself fortunate to have joined the hallowed halls of real life observers. 

For those of you who are interested in experiencing the same, you don’t have to go all the way to California, the photos are making their way around the World Wide Web like wildfire. Posted below are two pictures. The first, is a picture of the historic Edgemor barn, the site of the latest UFO spotting. The second, is the actual picture taken by Ellen Henry on the very day that she experienced her close encounter. Although the picture has yet to be scientifically examined, you can view the photo, and make your own determination as to its authenticity.



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