UFOs and USOs Why Are They Here?

It would seem more practical if the powers to be who have the ability to introduce extraterrestrial technology into the culture while at the same time keeping the sources secrete from foreign governments and from extremely powerful men in the national gov

18-As for their rings, they were so high that they were dreadful; and their rings were full of eyes round about them four. 19-And when the living creature went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up. 20-Whithersoever the spirit was to go, they went, thither was their spirit to go; and the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels. 21-When those went, these went; and when those stood, these stood; and when those were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels. Ezekiel 1-18:21

When anyone mentions the acronym UFO no explanation is needed. The term has been a familiar part of the popular culture’s vernacular for the past 60 years. On the other hand USO does not have the same singular distinction. For example, USO can stand for the United States Oil Fund, an index on the New York Stock Exchange. It could also get confused with USO, the United Service Organization, an agency dedicated to the social morale of the United States Military. However, in the context of UFOs, USO refers to Unidentified Submersible Object.

Most often the acronym UFO brings to mind the controversy surrounding extraterrestrials but with the advent and use of the term USOs these are unidentified objects observed below the surface of earth’s seas. It brings to mind the concept of being that have been among us for quite some time possibly living on the ocean floor for centuries. It begs, the question not so much, are we alone in the universe but have we ever been alone here on earth. Up until now the misinformation about extraterrestrials has drawn us away from such an inquiry.

Although the thought of extraterrestrials have been pervasive in modern time throughout centuries this has not always been the case. In less sophisticated times such mysteries have been relegated to underwater demons and god worship. Now byway of some intellectual paranoid morphed alchemic process inspired from who knows where the thought of alien supper beings infiltrating our social fabric and living among us logically comes to the forefront of the USO imagery.

It follows, this claim of alien infiltration is a strong argument related to the allegations of secrecy surrounding of how certain scientific advancements have been systematically interjected, leaked in a drip-drip fashion at a steady flow into the world’s technological makeup over the past 60 years. It has been accomplished in a manor as to arouse suspicion but our leadership has been impotent to do anything to impede it.

This is a more plausible reason for secrecy and a cover-up of the existence of extraterrestrials and is consistent with real fears. Rather than the truncated version we are not alone in the universe being the claim and if the public became aware of the existence of extraterrestrials mass hysteria and panic would be the result. The abbreviated notion’s weakness is further confirmed by the fact in America 39% of all men and 30% of women already accept the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Then the UFO allegations and all its uncertainties serve a more odious purpose. It psychologically prepares the world that we are not alone in the universe. While it distracts and diverts us from potentially the real problem, USOs, the Bermuda Triangle, the Atlantis triangle and the Japanese Dragon’s Triangle, which are strange phenomena about sea monsters and possible alien abductions that, have been hidden in the USO argument over the many centuries.

The infiltration conspiracy theory is a good explanation of how technology here in the west has mysteriously advanced exponentially over the pass 60 years. How there appears to be a, disconnect with these advancements and the universal academic system and the public domain. How the major breakthroughs are often hidden completely or concealed under the guise of brilliant minds who dropout of the system altogether.

It also raises suspicions why the Manned Space exploration program has been dropped altogether in the US and replaced with a highly sophisticated Telescopic stationary satellite system or a Telescopic voyager approach. Were the manned systems and its popular recruiting process a hardship and a threat to isolate and maintain the level of secrecy required to protect the anonymity of the inhabitants of USO technology?

Let’s assume these beings exist. Then it would naturally follow they are very advance. Taking the next step would not be so unrealistic a leap that their evolutionary path and that of Homo sapiens sapiens are so close those having the superior nature would be the only ones capable of detecting the differences. And at the very least they would have the ability to assume human appearance.

Such a capability would ideally allow them to infiltrate undetected any aspect of our society they wished. Logically there is no other way to fully manage a process that involves the systematic integration of their technology at the controlled and desired levels that strategically meets their purposes. The key positions assigned the need to know stations would indeed be held by them.

There is every indication no modern day president, from Truman or when Dwight Eisenhower who first warned us of the rise and threat of the ever imposing military industrial complex to the present, has been able to control the emergence of “Black Ops/Skunk Works” and the secrecy surrounding the interjecting of technology into modern day society. All the presidents and the CIA directors have been denied access to the relevant information. Even J. Edgar Hoover complained about being left out of the loop. How is this possible?

How have the powers surrounding this topic been able to frustrate planetary leaders at the very highest post in government from getting at the truth? If all this talk about need to know and how it relates to the incorporation of the military industrial complex, satellite and/or telescopic space research and the vast integration of computer telecommunication networks is real how come the idea of full disclosure of extraterrestrial and the public’s finicky belief in the topic has remained fussy all these years?

It would seem more practical if the powers to be who have the ability to introduce extraterrestrial technology into the culture while at the same time keeping the sources secrete from foreign governments and from extremely powerful men in the national government they would be a part of a hidden government. A clandestine network with such power it could only be said to border on a realm outside what would be humanly possible. If this is the case one can see why the leadership is afraid how the public would react if the truth was to get out. To know our elected officials are truly not in control, yeah this might cause a panic.

This brings to mind the ultimate question. If there is truly a super race among us what are their intentions. Are they purely altruistic as the Clark Kent paradox implies? The prudent inclination would be to say maybe not. Otherwise what would be the purpose of the clandestine nature of this business in the first place? It is more likely they require Homo sapiens sapiens like man needs every other living organism on the planet.

Is the need as simple as a workforce or to access the benefits and diversity of a supplemental gene pool. All this is speculation of course but the possibilities must be considered. If this is the case our inherent inferiority as the circumstance would dictate, we are not a threat to them. In as much that continues to be the situation they most likely are not a threat to us. If ever there was a case where good human diplomacy will be needed in the future this by far is going to be the ultimate challenge. The danger is not the knowledge we aren’t alone in the universe or sole intelligent inhabitant of our own supposed world for the matter; where the panic comes into play is we are not in control of this world or our own destinies.

Some leaders and our pop culture have openly suggested UFOs are here to protect us from ourselves and in so doing assure a positive human outcome. It is more probable they are here to protect their own self interest and in as much as those interests coincide with Homo sapiens sapiens then so-be-it. Most likely the ultimate goal may be to protect the planet. If this is the case protecting certain leaders or assured staged events is part of the program the directive would not be indefinitely but for a period of their choosing. Case in point some conspiracy theorists believe John F Kennedy was silenced for knowing too much about UFOs. Of course under his presidency the great race for space was launched.

So whether UFO or USO the two terms refer to an advance race of beings living among us for centuries or an occasional inter planetary visitation it still begs the question. What are they doing here?

The secrets surrounding Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio and the rumors that abound Roswell, New Mexico with the advent of stealth technology many felt the origin of all the UFO sightings were US secrete aviation projects and therefore of a terrestrial nature. None the less even here America’s advancement in military aviation has been linked to reverse engineering of crashed vehicles obtained from extraterrestrials.

If any government was in possession of such technology resulting in a military advantage this would be an overwhelming reason why misinformation and secrecy surrounding the subject would also be needed. But what would be the motive or advantage of a race of advance being working exclusively with one government at the expense of all others. It does not make sense that an advance race would allow what would appear to be another race so obvious technically inferior to hold members of their race dead or alive captive for any length of time. The situation in and of itself would merit some type of response. It was a hoax!

Back to the question, ask yourself why is the world’s space exploration grinding to halt or at the very least perhaps shifting from the west to the east? Is it because leadership in the west that was “not in the need to know” have they become overly suspicious and recalcitrant. For the pass 60 years countries like the US and the UK, the primary beneficiaries of such technology, are the infiltrators beginning to lose control. The US which was once considered to have the most flexible culture has now become closed minded and intractable.

The emerging economies and their subsequent cultures are now more suitable for sudden and dramatic technological advances with less chance of fragmented leadership causing problems. Can there be any other reason why the asserted infiltrated powers or the US’s leadership has systematically dismantled American industries, the country’s manufacturing base and moved it overseas.

The planet has evolved towards a quasi private world government where the Third World will probably take the lead. Power is more centrally located, the conditions are ripe and people would be less able to resist drastic change. The rest of the world will sees these advances and in an effort to keep up will be forced to fall in line.

Yes this infiltration component and the idea of the long historical influence of USOs adds another layer on the heap with respect to alien invasion conspiracy theories but can it be helped? It is not the first time such ideas have been posed. Just felt they needed to be restated. Assimilation has always been the rule of the day. Perhaps some day Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo super sapiens will be fully integrated as a one world society. Think of that day when today’s “Haves and Have Nots” will enjoy economic parity. Perhaps China represents this new beginning, then India with Africa rounding off the completion of the plan.


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